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College of the Ozarks

Affectionately known as 'Hard Work U', College of the Ozarks is a fully accredited, Christian, liberal arts college located just outside Branson, Missouri. The institution provides the opportunity for full-time students to work at one of more than 100 campus jobs or industries to help pay for part of their cost of education. The remaining portion of the students’ expenses is covered through scholarships provided by gifts and contributions from donors who believe in and support the programs and policies of the College. These student work programs and donor contributions allow C of O to operate as a no-tuition college. 

College of the Ozarks if a fully-functioning municipality with it's own water supply,

electric, dairy on campus as well as a farm.  It's really an amazing testament

to true higher education.  Each graduate not only receives their degree,

but also a job resume.  It's certainly worth the time to tour this one-of-a-kind institution. 

No charge to tour this beautiful campus  We do recommend the Keeter Center

for a delicious meal and home-made ice cream delights.

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